The client managed three separate websites alongside a handful of Teachable sales pages, complicating the process for prospective students to identify and enroll in the most suitable program. To address this, we merged all of the client's online resources into one cohesive website, while preserving the brand's aesthetic.

Our strategy included:

  • Developing a unified digital space where the client's followers could easily view all offerings and select the program that best matched their needs.
  • Enhancing each program's landing page to not only improve conversion rates but also to preemptively answer student inquiries, thus reducing the volume of emails and direct messages with frequently asked questions.
  • Eliminating an expensive monthly subscription for forms and opting out of a traditional content management system, significantly lowering the client's website maintenance costs.

The integration of these strategies resulted in a single, efficient website that embodies the client's brand and makes it effortless for her audience to navigate through her offerings. The new platform not only simplifies the course enrollment process but also presents a unified brand image that resonates with her followers.